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# DarkMode
The easiest way to set dark/light theme or switch between of those
## Prerequisites:
- Windows operating system
- PowerShell 5.0 or later
# License
Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0)
# Usage:
DarkMode.ps1 [status|dark|light|toggle]
#(without the optional switches, the toggle command will be performed)
## Examples
# Check status
PS S:\> .\DarkMode.ps1 status
Light theme
# Toggle (switch between light and dark)
PS S:\> .\DarkMode.ps1 toggle
# Or without arguments:
PS S:\> .\DarkMode.ps1
# Set dark theme
PS S:\> .\DarkMode.ps1 dark
# Set light theme
PS S:\> .\DarkMode.ps1 light